What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read “YELLOW”?

Is it the color YELLOW,

or Coldplay,

or Sun

or Flowers

or just shit?

Honestly it doesn’t matter , walk through your thought process again and think why do you have to choose a far cry from all the noises in your head, why do you have to make a selection , why do you need to brainstorm and elect a choice?

Tough ,intricate questions?


We can’t find the ease to define our own perspective.

Not trying the ‘philosophical’ way but ‘yearn the best’ is what we are taught. We never think of how to create the ‘best’, how to create a ‘yellow’. Going after the color, the band, the object, you get a predetermined,a foredestined,a forethought, a fated, and a doomed definition. You’ll never discover your ‘Yellow’.

‘Yellow’ is just an instance, random questions can lead you to intimidating as well as drilling answers.

Try finding at least one distinct and patent “yellow”.


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